NFL Punts On Domestic Violence Issue

new-york-giants-kicker-josh-brownMeet New York Giants kicker Josh Brown. Josh is not himself when he’s hungry, but instead of reaching for a Snickers, he reaches for his wife. Brown is a self-proclaimed abuser, and the zero-tolerance NFL punished Brown for his crimes… with a one-game suspension.

As the league plasters its fields with pink ribbons and decks its players out in pink cleats and pink towels this month in an effort to fool us into thinking it cares for the health of its female fans, its handling of Josh Brown’s suspension for domestic violence shows what a farce it all is.

This is the guy the NFL suspended in August for one game following a May 2015 incident with his then-wife, Molly. One measly game. Animal cruelty, DUIs, drug use — if you judge simply by the penalties handed down, the NFL considers all of those offenses more shameful than abusing your spouse.

I don’t remember the case against Tom Brady being cut and dried, but that didn’t stop Goodell from banishing him for a quarter of the season.

Brown’s acknowledgment that he abused his former wife renewed outrage over his lax suspension. So, naturally, the NFL on Thursday tried to shift the blame to Brown’s former wife and law enforcement, saying they had refused to cooperate with the league’s investigation. Charges against Brown were never filed.

The NFL has become riddled with thugs, and when you combine this with the national anthem protests, one has to wonder why anyone would continue to support this league. Personally, I hope this is the beginning of the end for the NFL; a league which has outlived its usefulness.


5 thoughts on “NFL Punts On Domestic Violence Issue

  1. Disgusting. I wish a couple offensive and defensive linemen had the nerve to show him what abuse is all about. It may very well be time for the NFL to just go away. There seems to be quite a bit of amoral behavior going on in the NFL and politics these days. I expect it from politics but not from the NFL. I figured smacking or getting smacked each week worked out the aggression these guys might be feeling. Apparently my thinking is flawed.


  2. Living in Colorado, I was a Broncos fan. That ended the night of the first game this year when Brandon Marshall wouldn’t stand for the anthem. I’d have gone right back to cheering for them if they would have fired his worthless ass.

    While a Broncos fan, I rooted for everything bad to happen to the Patriots, and especially Brady. In hindsight, my disdain was misplaced. If ever a player got a raw deal, it was Tom Brady. Four games for some air in a ball? Then, the above asshole gets one game for beating the shit out of his wife? There are so many examples of the inequity in punishment for whatever the offense, that the National Felons League, is a laughable joke. Though I don’t particularly care about football at all, I have to admit, I will truly enjoy seeing Brady take them to the Super Bowl. I will root for them to win just to poke a stick in the NFL’s eye.

    Don’t forget that you can go to the NFL corporate website and leave your opinion in a comment here:

    It’s interesting to see the amount of unhappy ex-fans that have left comments. It’s about 99% negative. That said, don’t forget that attendance is down because of “the election” as Roger Goodell would lead you to believe.

    Happily an ex-fan of the NFL.


  3. Metoo – The commissioner is still claiming the ratings are high, which to me means he is high as well.

    RG – You know I’m a huge Broncos fan. I have not watched one snap this year. Not one. I also donated my University of Michigan apparel to Goodwill after their protests. A football jersey, t-shirts, hats, and long-sleeve tees. All gone.


  4. Stick to hockey and most college football (though I know you’re not a PSU fan, they respect the anthem and even sing the alma mater on the field after wins).
    With hockey, you know the players love their homelands and tend not to beg off when asked to compete in an international tournament.


  5. E.O. – I no longer watch or cheer for the Broncos or the Michigan Wolverines after some of their players protested. I will never watch the Eagles again. I’ll watch college football and the NHL.

    And for the record, I was a big fan of PSU this weekend after they knocked off Ohio State!


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