A Glorious Headshot


A swimsuit model has been injured on the job after being struck in the pumpkin by a drone. Oh, the humanity!

Swimsuit models are used to getting up close and personal with cameras on photoshoots. But one drone-mounted lens got a little too close to one U.S. beauty, crashing into the back of her head as she frolicked on the beach.

Incredible footage shows the flying robot follow two young women dressed in tiny bikinis as they dash into the surf. The alarming video takes the drone’s point of view as it moves swiftly to the point of impact and then tumbles.

Amazingly the model stays on her feet after the bruising experience, but has a nasty surprise when the drone’s rotors get caught in her hair.



3 thoughts on “A Glorious Headshot

  1. Wyatt, this is not the first time this has happened. A while back, I saw footage of a bikini model hit in the face with a drone. Then, I thought to myself, what if it’s the same guy??? We may have a serial bikini model head boinker on our hands! I trust you will take matters in hand and investigate?

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