True Detective Stories

chief-wiggum-passed-outThis has been an entertaining week of daywork. And by “entertaining,” I mean it sucked goat testicles. We have been short every single day between vacation days, sick days, and “sick days.” Yesterday was the most obnoxious of all. Allow me to elucidate.

I had to take a vacation day because Kyle had no way to get to his lacrosse game. When I asked for the day last week, only one other detective was off, and manpower was fine.

On Friday, one of the detectives called out sick, and then called out sick for Saturday, and the Sunday. Another detective called out “sick,” because his family was visiting from out of town and he could not get an approved vacation day. So… yeah. That left the division with three detectives. Three. The domestic violence teams and the shooting teams are off on Sundays, so a deskperson and two detectives on the floor is a nightmare scenario…

My sergeant was sending me hourly updates, if for no other reason than he needed to vent to someone. The lieutenant was furious about the sick requests, and the detectives who did show up got hammered. By the end of the eight-hour shift, the two floor detectives received four arrests, plus ample investigations. The deskperson – who is usually not given active jobs – received three arrests and ample investigations.

Now it’s not my place to criticize a sick detective. I don’t know what the person is batting and if he or she could make it to work. Calling out sick from work because your family is in town is kinda lame, if you ask me, but hey, it’s their time to use. My problem is it seems like too many of my coworkers don’t give a rat’s ass about their job.

I rarely, if ever, call out sick, and when I do, believe me, I am incapacitated – or having surgery. I am always on time, and when I’m there I work pretty hard. Maybe it’s my sense of responsibility, or maybe it’s the work ethic my parents handed down, but screwing your coworkers because you don’t feel like coming to work is kind of a dick move.


6 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. What I gleaned from your story is that if I have some desire to come to Philly and shoot someone, I need to do it on a Sunday.

    I remember going to work for almost 10 years in a row on Christmas. Never ever did I get Christmas off. One year I said the heck with it and called in sick. Holy cow, you’d have thought the world ended. In hindsight, probably a dick move, but the same people ALWAYS got Christmas off and I was tired of it.


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