Happy Birthday Hillary!

hillary-clinton-head-injurryDemocratic Presidential nominee, serial liar, and Bob Ross groupie Hillary Clinton turns 69 today. (Heh, 69 – let that image seep into your medulla oblongata.)

While Hillary will be spending her time with family, cake and party favors (with Huma), she will not be spending time with a doctor. Such a waste.

An April 21, 2015 email chain between Huma Abedin, John Podesta, Jim Margolis, Jennifer Palmieri, Joel Benenson, Robby Mook and various other Clinton staffers shows the campaign worrying about a television hit the former secretary of state would be doing.

Mook and Margolis agreed that Clinton should “do the hit” in question, but cautioned Clinton not to “go deep into” tying Jeb Bush to potential campaign finance violations involving super PACS.

“She’s going to stick to notes a little closer this am,” Abedin said in the final response on the chain. “Still not perfect in her head.”

Hillary’s doctors claimed she suffered a “concussion” after a fall in late 2012, and has had many public health issues since. Being a lacrosse coach, I have seen some rather nasty injuries, and some brutal concussions. I have never seen someone suffer concussion effects three years after the fact. Obviously I am not claiming this is impossible – I’m not a doctor; I just play one during one-night stands – but my guess is if Hillary was still feeling the effects in 2015, then she suffered severe head trauma.

Personally, I believe a candidate’s health history matters, and a candidate’s health history should be released to the public. I also believe Hillary is more ill than she lets on, and I wonder if she is physically capable to perform the duties of the office.


7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Hillary!

  1. Her head is just one of many organs Hillary is still not perfect in. The only thing that might be exempt is a conscience because I don’t think she has one. I agree that she is much sicker than any of us know. Wonder who will be making decisions if she is elected…….Huma, Mills or maybe Bill’s “energizer bunny” girlfriend.


  2. As much as I despise this utterly disgusting woman, I’m inclined to think that the phase, “Still not perfect in her head,” is referring more to her inability to fully grasp and verbalize the talking points they want to hit in regard to the topic.

    Still not good, but not exactly saying she’s practically a vegg.


  3. CJB – Some people, like Ace, were postulating they may have been talking about her drinking problem; which isn’t really a problem, because she loves alcohol so much.


    1. This is the only redeeming characteristic she has, mostly because she shares it with me.

      I also saw that AoS post, and, again, I’m inclined to believe they didn’t mean to literally sober her up from a drunk. I think these days just about everybody knows you can’t sober up somebody from a drunk by loads of black coffee, or lots of water, or, in this case, simply talking to her on the phone. I think it was a colloquialism to straighten out her addled ass from some nonsense that Cheryl Mills had filled her head with.

      Just my opinion. She terrible enough without us trying to read literal things into these emails. It’s kinda like trying to read intent and attitude through texts. Meh.

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