Legends Of The Fall

Marina Lebedeva

Meet Marina Lebedeva. Marina is either the luckiest woman on Earth, or the first proven Cylon.

A teenager plunged 17 floors from a high-rise apartment in Russia – and survived after landing on the roof of a VW Golf.

Marina Lebedeva, 19, fell from the block of flats in Moscow after a row with her boyfriend. An eyewitness said he heard the teenager screaming as she fell around 180ft and then saw a body on the roof of the car.

Hospital officials say she suffered multiple fractures and head injuries in the 6.30am fall from a balcony. She is in intensive care.

Damn. Say what you want about the man, but Hitler knew how to make a well-built automobile. Ironic it would save a Russian girl’s life.

2 thoughts on “Legends Of The Fall

  1. I wonder if the boyfriend is facing charges? Not sure how this kind of things works with Putin. Obviously the girl comes from good, sturdy stock if she survived.


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