Wine And Cheesecake

miranda-kay-raderMeet Miranda Kay Rader of Austin, Texas.

Everything is bigger in Texas, so Miranda wanted to prove that theorem by driving an SUV after drinking half a bottle of wine. She would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for those meddling cops.

Miranda Kay Rader, 19, was driving in Bryan, Texas around 8:30pm when she rear-ended a police cruiser parked outside of a residence, where there had been a disturbance call.

Bryan Police Officer John Sartell said he heard ‘a vehicle braking very hard’ so he ran back to his car where he found Rader’s SUV smashed into his own. When he approached Rader’s Acura, he noticed that the Texas A&M freshman’s bra was ‘unclasped’ and that she was ‘attempting to put a black blouse on’.

He asked why she ‘was not dressed while driving’ and she said that she was ‘taking a Snapchat photo to send to her boyfriend while she was at the red light’.

Hot, drunk, and topless is no way to go through life, honey. Wait a minute, of course it is! Kudos Miranda. Kudos!

Due to popular demand, better photos of Miranda can be found below…

(Oh, before anyone complains about a hat tip, I was emailed this story from no less than seven readers.)


Bad tattoo notwithstanding, I’d hit it like a drunk hits a police cruiser. What, too soon?


You would think an agricultural and manufacturing school would better prepare their students for taking naked selfies while driving.


I choose to believe Miranda is wearing nothing under this ensemble… just because.

6 thoughts on “Wine And Cheesecake

  1. Rob – I only saw the two, and neither were very enticing.

    TXNick – It’s popularity is, um, rising.

    Metoo – Especially since she cleans up so nicely.


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