Kreidel The Klown

candice-kreidelMeet Candice Kreidel of Cunningham, Tennessee. Ever the Tennessean, Candice spends her nights sipping chugging whiskey and entertaining the masses.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to the scene after “a series of calls about a white female wearing clown-like makeup, a stocking cap, and was either partially or completely nude that was running up and down Louise Road, chasing cars and jumping out in front of other cars.”

While a deputy was on the way to the scene, 911 received four calls from Candice A. Kreidel “in which call takers were berated, threatened and cursed.”

When the deputy went to Kreidel’s home on Louise Road, he found her in a sports bra, pajama-style bottoms, a stocking cap and wearing clown makeup on her face and body. She was also holding a beer. Kreidel, 37, was charged with disorderly conduct, public intoxication and making non-emergency 911 calls.

After twenty-two years in law enforcement, it has been my experience that the naked people with whom you come into contact are the same people who should never appear naked. Candice is proof positive of this axiom. Woman has a face like a frying pan.

8 thoughts on “Kreidel The Klown

  1. First of all it was not clown make-up. That was her “Momma gots to get some” make-up. And second she was not partially or completely nude. She was nekid. And the beer was a Budweiser. YUCK!


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