Sunday Services


Today is The O.K. Corral’s first anniversary. Thank you all for following me here and participating in this social experiment disguised as a blog. 159,000 visits in a year is not too shabby for a re-branded blog.

Today’s services will be a tribute to my first ever Sunday Services post subject, the delectable Keira Knightley.


Keira may not possess what many men would deem a “dream body,” but she is absolutely the most beautiful woman on this entire planet of Earth.

There are more photos below the fold.

Yeah, Keira is absolutely gorgeous. How could anyone not love her?


Keira is The O.K. Corral’s Princess for a Day, and as such, she will be showered with attention while I am suffering through another bust work day.


The closest Sunday to the blog’s anniversary will be dedicated to Keira. It’s her special day, and she should be celebrated; at least by me.

You may now go in peace.

11 thoughts on “Sunday Services

  1. Congrats on your first year at the new spot. For me, it has gone quickly. I know you have had some bouts with cellulitis, your mom’s challenges and everyday life with a spouse and kids. I want to thank you for keeping me entertained through it all. Reading your blog is always a bright spot in my sometimes dreary day.


  2. Metoo – Thank you. The circumstances surrounding my abandonment of SYLG were, um, unfortunate. One year later, this blog is the most exciting place outside Anthony Weiner’s bathroom.


  3. Congratulations Wyatt.
    Lets hope she does not go clown on us and run down the road nekid with clown paint on for make-up. It could happen!
    Please continue keeping us all entertained and up-dated on world events.


  4. Happy 1st birthday! As for the other subject matter, I’m just not interested. Next time try googling ‘Topless Chris’. I’ll take Hemsworth, Evans, Pine or Pratt. I’m not too picky. 😉


  5. Cathy – Thanks, and if she runs naked down the street with clown makeup, make sure someone calls me!

    Jenn – As long as the key word is “topless,” right?


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