Maid To Order

mymodelmaidA Bristol, Connecticut company is sliding the Bing! back into scrubbing with My Model Maid. At My Model Maid, you can hire a shiny, sparkling model, dress her up in your outfit of choice, and she’ll come – phrasing – clean your home.

Housecleaning doesn’t have to be a chore. Let My Model Maid simplify your life, with a guaranteed spotless clean tailored specifically to you. It’s easy.

You select the maid, her attire (French maid, schoolgirl, cheerleader, Wonder Woman or Special Requests ) and a time that’s convenient for you.

One visit from one of our lovely ladies and you’ll be looking for ways to make a mess.

Um… too late. If you’ll excuse me, I need a Model Maid to wash my soiled pantaloons.

5 thoughts on “Maid To Order

  1. “I need you to clean my roof,
    “Now up this ladder, forsooth!”
    But she did slip,
    And fell on my lip,
    And alas, I’m missing a tooth!

    (That will teach me to leer!)


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