A Sweet Treat

police-thank-you-candyOn Friday, my daughter Julia – AKA Princess P – made candy gift packs for the 7th Police District’s officers. The 7th is located a few blocks from the school, and the bags were filled with candy, and the note on the left was attached. It was a terribly nice gesture for the local police.

After they completed the gift bags for the officers, Princess P’s teacher asked if anyone had parents who were cops. Julia raised her hand and said, “My dad is a detective.” The teacher – who taught all three of my boys – replied, “Are you sure?” Apparently, she did not remember me from last year’s Police and Fire Appreciation Day. After swearing up and down I am actually a detective – albeit a lousy one – Princess P was allowed to make a bag for me, and gave it to me after work Friday.

Most people in law enforcement do not ask for much on this job. We expect to be yelled at, assaulted, and hated by people just because of our chosen profession. Small things like these make all the nonsense so very worth it. I know Princess P loves me, and it’s nice to see others appreciate us, too.

Click the photo to read the note. It’s pretty humbling.

Oh, and here are my munchkins’ costumes this year…


Kevin is a stick figure, Erik a soccer player, and Julia is a princess ballerina.

5 thoughts on “A Sweet Treat

  1. RG – “It thinks it’s people!”

    Proof – Meh, you gotta die of something. I prefer death by Kit Kat.

    Metoo – Yeah, it was a really nice surprise.


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