Christmas Comes Early


America may finally be turning the corner, as Bud Light pulled its ads featuring the grossly overrated Seth Rogen and the grossly overweight Amy Schumer. The reason for the ad campaign’s withdraw? People hate these two uber-liberal, unfunny hacks.

Bud Light ads mocking the presidential election and featuring comedian Amy Schumer and actor Seth Rogen were pulled a few weeks early because of declining beer sales, according to a news report released Monday.

The series of ads, titled “The Bud Light Party,” featured Schumer and Rogen stumping for the beer. The message was simple: Even if you can’t agree on politics, you can agree on Bud Light.

Now before you start dancing in the streets naked, here’s a companion piece guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Apparently, people are sick to death of the all liberal, all the time ESPN.

Nielsen announced its subscriber numbers for November 2016 and those numbers were the worst in the history of ESPN’s existence as a cable company – they lost 621,000 cable subscribers. That’s the most subscribers ESPN has ever lost in a month and it represents a terrifyingfor the company, an acceleration of subscriber loss that represents a doubling of the average losses over the past couple of years, when ESPN has been losing in the neighborhood of 300,000 subscribers a month.

These 621,000 lost subscribers in the past month alone lead to a drop in revenue of over $52 million and continue the alarming subscriber decline at ESPN. Couple these subscriber declines with a 24% drop in Monday Night Football ratings this fall, the crown jewel of ESPN programming, and it’s fair to call October of 2016 the worst month in ESPN’s history.

ESPN offers nothing to me anymore. I don’t like basketball or baseball, they discarded hockey years ago, and college football is broadcast on many other channels. On top of that, the company has taken a hard left turn, and has inserted politics into almost every one of its programs. I don’t want politics to seep its way into sports. I don’t give a rat’s ass about Barack Obama’s NCAA basketball pool, and Chris Berman is the most annoying sports “personality” in the history of television.

In my opinion, Bud Light and ESPN can join the NFL on the entertainment dung heap.

6 thoughts on “Christmas Comes Early

  1. I gave up on Budweiser when I gave up on the NFL. Schumer and Rogen are what the low information voters (aka most millenials) find amusing. Neither one knows what real talent is.


  2. Proof – Sorry. I’m a beer snob. Well, I was when I drank beer. I don’t imbibe much anymore.

    RG – Their biggest offenses? Neither are remotely funny, in my opinion.


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