An NFL Protest We Can All Get Behind

fan-throws-didlo-onto-field-during-bills-pats-gameWhile I am continuing my boycott of the NFL, I did see an amusing story from this week’s Buffalo Bills-New England Patriots game. It seems one fan voiced his or her displeasure by throwing a foreign object onto the playing field.

Here’s something you don’t see on an NFL field every day. We assume it was a Buffalo Bills fan who decided to throw a sex toy on the field during Bills-New England Patriots on Sunday, so we totally need to give them some credit.

The timing here is really great. Like leading a receiver on a deep crossing route. This fan put the dildo where only the camera would get it, while not obscuring the play. Given the unpredictable physics of a flying dildo and taking into account the flopping on the field, this was just a great move.

Only one of two things are going on here; either some drunken idiot threw the dildo for cheap laughs, or a referee was signaling a rather serious spearing penalty.


12 thoughts on “An NFL Protest We Can All Get Behind

  1. Did you see the ref try to hang on to his man-card while kicking it off the field? Black man kicking a white dick? Sounds like a BLM wet dream…

    Hmmmm, wonder if this was a play on the deflated balls situation at the beginning of the year?


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