Sun’s Out, Guns Out

misty-michelle-flowersMeet Misty Michelle Flowers.

Misty works as a sheriff’s deputy in North Carolina – or she did, before she shot her daughter while playing with a loaded gun.

An off-duty North Carolina deputy has been fired after she accidentally shot her 11-year-old daughter while showing off her service weapon to friends.

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office deputy Misty Michelle Flowers, 38, was reportedly showing the handgun to guests attending a Halloween party at her Lincolnton home on Saturday night when it discharged.

The bullet went through a wall and struck her daughter in the abdomen in the next room, who is expected to recover.

Now poor Misty must seek alternative employment. May I suggest pole dancing? She is pretty enough, boasts the perfect stripper name, and has experience with accidental discharges.


7 thoughts on “Sun’s Out, Guns Out

  1. You’re right about the name. It would work for pole dancing, working at Hooters or hooking. Some people just shouldn’t be parents. Poor kid.


  2. Metoo – Any jackass who “shows off” a loaded gun needs to spend more than a little time in jail, in my opinion.

    Proof – She probably fired off a few rounds so her guests could experience the true gunshot sound.


  3. Never knew a gun that accidentally discharged, without an idiot’s finger on the trigger. Hopefully, Lincoln County has a gentleman’s club that will accept her careless handling of that pair of 38’s she’s carrying…


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