Weekend Caption Contest


The Cleveland Steamer Caption Contest
(Source: The AP)

Original Caption: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton contemplates what to order for lunch as she visits Angie’s Soul Cafe in Cleveland, Oct. 31, 2016. (Andrew Harnik/AP)

Caption this photo in the comments section. The winners will be posted Monday, November 7th.

Photoshop Entry:


13 thoughts on “Weekend Caption Contest

  1. “Hmm, I’ll have the souls of 2 children as an appetizer and a selection of juicy Christian souls as my main course. What do you mean you don’t have that? It is a SOUL Cafe isn’t it?!?!?”


  2. Hmmmmmm…….what should I order…..

    Lewinsky lamb chops look good…..
    The Paula Jones pizza for one……
    Flowers fried labrum with white sauce and goats ass…..perfect !!!


  3. Oh my!! Look at THAT!! “Vodka basted child with pasta in a basil and tomato vodka sauce”!!! I’ll bet that will go great with my martini!


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