Caption Contest Winners


The Cleveland Steamer Caption Contest has now concluded. Thanks to everyone for the multitude of fantastic entries!

Top Five Entries:
5. “What the fuck is chicken and waffles? Oh, I love hot sauce, did I mention I love hot sauce?” – Sully
4. Proof’s Photoshop.
3. “Hmmmmmm…….what should I order….. Lewinsky lamb chops look good….. Or…. The Paula Jones pizza for one…… Ahh…. Flowers fried labrum with white sauce and goats ass…..perfect !!!” – Kevin
2. “What is this? No chateaubriand? No arugula? No Moet & Chandon?” – Either Orr

WINNER! – “Hmm, I’ll have the souls of 2 children as an appetizer and a selection of juicy Christian souls as my main course. What do you mean you don’t have that? It is a SOUL Cafe isn’t it?!?!?” – Loki


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