Election Day

election-2016Today is the day.

Today millions of Americans will head to the polls to choose the next president of the United States. Personally, I hope they cast a vote for Donald Trump, and here is my rationale:

I was never a Donald Trump fan. I was a Ted Cruz guy, and he received my primary vote. Trump won the nomination fair and square, and while I would have preferred someone else, Trump is the nominee.

We are seldom faced with easy choices in life. Rarely are things presented in black and white, especially in politics. This election, like many of the recent presidential elections, offers a choice of two less-than-desirable candidates. Donald Trump can be a boorish oaf, and Hillary Clinton is a serial liar.

The question you must answer is this: Which candidate will leave the country better off than it was before this election? For me, the answer is Donald Trump. I trust Donald Trump to secure our borders, rebuild our military, nominate conservative jurists to the Supreme Court, and generally abide by the Constitution.

Most importantly, I trust he will respond when our embassies are attacked and our citizens slaughtered.

I do not know if my trust is misplaced, but I do know we cannot elect Hillary Clinton. We do that by voting, and by voting for Donald Trump instead of a third-party candidate. Those votes are essentially a vote for Hillary, so if you are leaning in that direction, please reconsider.

Today I get my opportunity to end the Clinton regime forever, and finally close the book on the worst president in American history.


15 thoughts on “Election Day

  1. I went through all the Clinton scandals of the 90’s and it was humiliating to watch the President and First Lady behave all high and mighty and delighting in everything they were getting away with at that time. What kind of person pimps out the Lincoln bedroom or steals over $200K in china, furniture and artwork from the White House? A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots and the Clintons can’t change the type of people they are. I hope and pray a majority of the voting public realize nothing good can come from a second Clinton presidency.

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  2. Metoo – I hope so, too. I am encouraged by the turnout, but I am a pessimist. I am preparing for a Clinton presidency. I sincerely hope I am wrong.

    Mike – Hillary Clinton cannot win this election. I am not sure the United States can take four more years of Obama’s policies.


  3. I think about my kids… my son, who has a nice job that could very well be H1-B Visa vulnerable under Clinton… my daughter, who’s on her way to nursing school… and I think there’s no way to support Hilliary. I think about my nieces and nephews and what four more years of D rule would mean for their futures… and there’s no way to support Hilliary.
    I voted Trump — for the children.


  4. E.O. – The demographics of America are changing with the influx of illegals. The economy and unemployment have rarely been worse. Police are under attack, colleges are indoctrination farms, and our enemies are stockpiling weapons. A Clinton presidency will continue those trends. I cannot imagine what this country will look like after eight years of this criminal liar.


  5. I am now on my second Russel’s Reserve 10 year old bourbon, and believe my bourbon titer is up to a level that I can safely turn on the TV.


  6. I will be glad when this night is OVER. It is my sincere desire that the outcome is positive and the Clinton Crime Family get the boot FOREVER. That said, the God of the entire universe is still in control regardless of the outcome. I hope and pray that He agrees with the rest of us, but if He doesn’t, it will be for a reason only He knows. Life will go on. I don’t plan to watch any of that election crap on TV at all, I can’t stand listening to all the talking heads who think they know more than the rest of us. I’ll find out late tonight or maybe tomorrow. Hope it’s not another close election that the Dems decide they have to sue about. Hope that it’s decisive enough that all the cheating they do doesn’t help them a damn bit. I’m with Doc Rambo and figure he has the right idea.

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    1. Like you, I have finally realized that all I can do is pray and accept His will. If it goes the wrong way, I will have to realign my priorities and begin working for the next election in some positive fashion.


  7. Doc – I didn’t watch anything until Trump started to turn it around. I still feel my heart beating out my chest.

    RG – It looks like we’ll be celebrating a President-Elect Trump tomorrow. Now I have to change tomorrow’s first post, because I was sure he would lose. 😦


    1. I truly believed all this was a done deal from before Trump was ever even running. Since I see the photo of Truman holding the newspaper that says “Dewey Wins”, I still won’t believe until it’s over, but holy cow, what a surprise. In my wildest dreams, all I could think of was the Clinton Crime Family getting the boot. Seeing them all go to jail would be icing on the cake. Maybe Obama will cement his legacy of being a total tool and asshole by pardoning her. Since he hates her so much, I bet that won’t happen, but you never know with these crazy Demonrats.


    1. If Obama does not pardon her, Trump needs to forget about her and move on to important things. Just getting her out of the headlines will be a boost to the morale of the entire country. Time to just move on. Seeing her live to have America give her the finger is good enough for me.


  8. RG – Congress may go after the Foundation, but Trump should rise above that.

    MelP – I think it was in very poor taste for Hillary to not make a concession speech last night. She gave the finger to all her supporters who worked so hard for her.


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