A Chip Off The Old Block

chip-smart-cookie-ovenI believe I speak for everyone when I say we need a break from politics. We need time to recover from that awful campaign in order to elevate our moods. What better way to do that than to post about cookies?

Meet the CHiP Smart Cookie Oven by SideChef. It’s basically a Keurig but for cookies. That’s right — cookie dough pods go into the machine and cook in under 10 minutes. Currently, the product is crowdfunding on Kickstarter HERE, so contribute $100 if you want one of your own. TBH who wouldn’t want one? Not a single person comes to mind (except liars).

SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! I would buy one of these for home, for the car, and for my desk at work. I can see it now: some jackass police officer comes to the division with an idiotic job, and instead of decapitating said officer, I pause, pop in some cookies, then simply sarcastically berate him.


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