It’s Morning In America!


Full disclosure: I had this post written around dinnertime last night, and it was vastly different from this one. I sent into draft and figured I would wake up, hear the Earth-shattering news, set the post, and crawl into my bed for four years. Then I tempted fate and checked Ace of Spades, only to find Donald Trump was gaining on Hillary Clinton.

Wait, that can’t be right. The #GOPSmartSet said Hillary Clinton would win in a landslide.

Apparently, the #GOPSmartSet is still anything but smart. Donald Trump proved everyone wrong, and won the presidency by speaking his mind – sometimes to his determent – and being himself. Trump is a lot of things, but he is not a phony, and his message resonated with voters. I have never seen a turnout like I did yesterday, and Philadelphia as a whole came out in droves. For Pete’s sake, he won both Pennsylvania AND Ohio!

In the end, the voters rejected compulsive liar and probable criminal Hillary Clinton in favor for an honest-to-goodness outsider. Trump’s election should signal good news to our economy, our porous southern border, and most of all, the Supreme Court.

Congratulations Mr. President-Elect. You have a tremendous opportunity before you. Please do not screw this up.

Oh, before I forget, Martina White, my super mega-awesome State Representative was reelected yesterday. The highlight of my day.


23 thoughts on “It’s Morning In America!

  1. I am wearing red today in subdued celebration. (I work at a university, after all). My co-workers are all gloom and doom while I keep wanting to sing “ding dong the witch is dead”. My main reason for voting for Trump was always SCOTUS. Glad he prevailed.

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  2. Metoo – As am I. We can kill Obamacare, the Iranian payoff, and the Clintons’ political careers. We can secure the border, rebuild the military, and drain the swamp.

    Proof – I remember how I felt when Obama won twice. Awful feeling. Ironically, Bernie Sanders may have won had it not for the DNC’s submarine tactics.


  3. The NYT site was fun to follow, as it trended well ahead of the MSM. When Trump started gaining and then passed 50% probability, I slowed down my bourbon consumption, and started flipping channels, and reveled as the air went out of all the ‘talking heads.’ When it hit 95% probability, I was feeling good enough to go to bed. It was fun seeing Megyn Kelly about to cry, Chris Matthews unable to talk, and David Axelrod about to stroke. Reckon Megyn won’t be getting invited to any state dinners.

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  4. My 15 yr old and I stayed up and watched the entire thing play out (the upswing of homeschooling: you can bend the bedtime rule occasionally). It was a good lesson for the boy, and this deplorable is in a word, happy.


  5. Rumor has it that Megyn Kelly is in contract negotiations. Wish Fox would fire her skinny, biased butt and hire someone else for that spot. I do know her ratings have been tanking the last couple of months.


  6. Oh, and I would also like to apologize to everyone for the voters of Washington State in the Puget Sound Basin reelecting that dumba** Patty Murray and their overwhelming votes for Killary. Those of us in the red part of the state get outvoted every time.


  7. Comment on the gunshop’s Facebook page:

    “Considering lunch, but I’m almost completely stuffed from snacking on hippie tears and liberal butthurt.”


  8. I’ll own up to not being a Trump fan. Hell, I despise the man. Loathe him to the very core. The fact that he got the nomination over Cruz really made me feel …. well in the immortal words of David Lo Pan from Big Trouble in Little China: “Now this really pisses me off to no end!”

    I never felt that he was a conservative and I still don’t. He has donated to and been closely associated with liberals including the Clintons his whole life and only started semi-speaking to conservatives when he ran for president. The way he delivers many of his bits sounds like what a rabid liberal thinks a conservative would say (especially the more repulsive parts) and not what an actual conservative would say.

    In the end I donned a pressurized hazmat suit and waded into the swamp of slime that is Trump to cast my vote for him for 2 reasons … possibly 3 if he turns out to be an example of Milton Friedman’s timeless wisdom.

    First Reason: SCOTUS
    Since I don’t trust him, this reason may end up being a wash but Hillary would definitely make horrible SCOTUS choices and Trump only probably will.

    Second Reason: Impeachability
    I finally voted for him because he can be impeached. Hell, the Dems and their corrupt Press vassals would cheer it on. Being able to impeach him unlike Hillary or Obama means he could actually have a chance of being held accountable if he did any bad things on the scale of a Hillary or an Obama.

    Third Reason: Milton Friedman
    It’s nice to elect the right people but that isn’t the way you solve things. the way you solve things is by making it politically profitable for the wrong people to do the right thing.

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  9. I happen to fly the flag of our country 24/7 from a lighted mast, to honor our troops engaged in battle overseas. I’ve done this for over 20 years. This morning I added the Trump flag, just below Old Glory. It will stay flying until after the inauguration. Most of my neighbors are California liberals, and I don’t give a rat’s ass what they think of it. To me, this election is less about personalities and more about choices. Thank God we still have choices, and the system still works.


  10. Probable Criminal, like if you drop a glass on a marble floor probable or like the sun will probably come up tomorrow probable?


  11. Mushdogs – I am happy and thankful – thankpy? – and cannot believe he took PA, OH, MI, etc. Amazing.

    Toothy – They’re tears from a clown. 🙂

    Loki – I think he will surround himself with good people. Kellyann Conway turned his campaign around. I think the realization hit him and he won’t as bombastic as before. If he gets out of hand, there will be plenty of people – me included – calling him onto the carpet.

    Mike – Agreed. I also have every confidence Trump will rebuild out military infrastructure.

    Rob – Sun, definitely.


  12. We went to vote last night, went to dinner and came home and turned on the TV and there as a bunch of red on the map. I was like WTF, she was supposed to clean up. It just got better from there. I thought Wolf Blitzer was going to have a stroke. He couldn’t hardly say Trump was winning. But California did go off the communist deep end. Turning violent criminals loose and making it harder to buy a gun or ammo.


  13. Toothy – For at least four years.

    Ingineer – California is totally and completely lost. I feel sorry for the good people stuck there, but better there than infecting Arizona… hopefully my future home.

    Cathy – One of them will file for divorce since they don’t have to pretend their marriage is legitimate.

    Metoo – In his head, he’s already gone.


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