A Shock To The Piss Stem

kurt-jenkins-floridaMeet Kurt Jenkins of Boynton Beach, Florida.

Kurt is a fun-loving guy, but sometimes The Man clamps down on his entertainment. In this case, Jenkins’ entertainment involved a car, an exposed penis, and electrical wires – or as it’s called in my house, “a regular Saturday night.”

News outlets report 56-year-old Kurt Jenkins faces lewd and lascivious exhibition, exposure of sexual organs and resisting a law enforcement officer without violence charges.

A Boynton Beach police report shows a witness said the naked man, identified as Jenkins, drove by him, gesturing for him to look toward Jenkins’ groin area. That’s when the witness saw an electronic device with wires attached to Jenkins’ penis.

Wait, there are laws against that sort of thing?

Before you ask, the bruises are not the result of Jenkins’ electrical stimulation. Genius refused to comply with police demands, and was thrown to the ground and handcuffed.


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