Poison Ivy

yaleAn economics professor at Yale University has decided to make his students’ midterm exam “optional.”

The decision was made to accommodate his special little snowflakes who are distraught over the election of Donald Trump.

A Yale University professor has given his students a reprieve as a result of the controversial US election and made an exam optional for those who are ‘in shock’ over Donald Trump being named as the President-elect.

In it the professor explained that ‘many’ students had asked to postpone the exam because they were in ‘fear. rightly or wrongly, for their own families’.

However, the professor – who is in charge of the Econ 115 ‘introductory microeconomics’ unit – said that it was too difficult to postpone the exam. ‘Therefore, I am making the exam optional,’ the email said.

For reasons unbeknownst to me, Yale University is a highly regarded bastion of higher learning. The best and the brightest walk the campus grounds, and most graduates are offered prestigious, high-paying jobs. Now employers need to decide if they want to hire an econ grad who decided to skip his or her midterm because they needed a safe space.


5 thoughts on “Poison Ivy

  1. I went on a little rant on Facebook this morning about this. I actually had three of our male students in my office yesterday all gloom and doom and unable to concentrate because of the election outcome. I had them sit down for about five minutes and I enlightened them on the Clinton White House of the 90’s. I asked them how they could vote for someone who pimped out the Lincoln bedroom and stole over $200K in artwork, china and furniture (which they had to return) from the White House when they left. These precious little men had no idea any of this had happened, of course. Seemed like a good time to point out to them that they were uninformed and needed to do ample research before they vote in an election moving forward. None of the three have spoken to me since. It’s a shame I had to educate them when they are attending a doctoral program.


  2. Metoo – They immediately ran to their safe spaces, no doubt.

    Mike – The missus and I are not wedded to the idea of our kids going to college. At least not like our parents were wedded to it. We’ll need to give them a heads up on what college has become.


  3. As a supervisor, I do my best to avoid hiring any college graduate under 30. They can’t handle reality & think they know more than I do.

    Also, it’s not just college, one of my co-workers told me that her grandson came home from school the day after the election asking if they were going to be deported & if their papers were the right ones. I believe she said he’s in 2nd grade.

    I also read a blog written by the father of a 5 year old who voted for Hills because his little girl (who’s in pre-K) asked him to after her teacher told the class all about the whole historical significance of the election.

    All I could say was Really?


  4. MelP – It’s insane. Kevin kept saying we needed to vote for Hillary, and I calmly explained to him that political ads always paint the opponent in a terrible light. I didn’t want to go over Hillary’s problems – my 8-year old doesn’t need to know about abortion yet – but I told him we were voting for Trump because the last eight years have been an economic mess.


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