The Plastic Fantastic


I’ve got nuthin’ today. Work is busy as hell, and I am still emotionally drained from the presidential election. So, here’s an easy post about boobs; nature’s perfect food.

From over-sized implants to subtle lifts, there have been major changes to the size and shape of the ‘perfect’ bust over the years.

Adrian Richards, consultant plastic surgeon at The Private Clinic of Harley Street, talked FEMAIL through the key trends over past 40 years – and the celebrities who helped to make them marketable.

‘In 1980s, we witnessed demand for larger implants grow,’ says Mr Richards. ‘Interest in bigger, fuller breasts was perhaps most notable in the US, where celebrity icons like Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra helped fuel the trend. ‘When we look back at TV shows and films from the 1980s, we can see that a lot of iconic female stars showcased large, round breasts on tiny frames.’

Large, round breasts in tiny frames. Um, yes please!


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