Call Of Duty

benjamin-netanyahuHe has not even been sworn in yet, and already Donald Trump is doing the jobs certain American presidents just won’t do.

President-elect Donald Trump has invited Benjamin Netanyahu to the US for talks ‘at the first opportunity’.

The billionaire spoke with the Israeli prime minister on Wednesday morning hours after his stunning triumph over Hillary Clinton.

Netanhyahu called Trump a ‘true friend of Israel’ and said their conversation was ‘hearty and warm’ and regional issues were discussed. His spokesman added that ‘The Prime Minister congratulated Trump on his electoral win and told him that the United States has no better ally that Israel.’

In 2009 Barack Obama claimed he was going to repair America’s image in the world. Ironically, our image has completely deteriorated with our allies and enemies. It is nice to see Trump understands the importance of our Israel allies.

Oh, and speaking of jobs American presidents won’t do, the president-elect called the widow of the slain NYPD officer Thursday and offered condolences. It’s a new day, America.

13 thoughts on “Call Of Duty

  1. Cathy – Agreed. After the continuous Obama snubs, this is a breath of fresh air.

    Rob – I am, too. We need Israel, and we need Britain. Obama has offended both.

    Mushdogs – Can you imagine if Hillary won the election? *shudder*


  2. I’ve been reading that many world leaders are contacting President-Elect Trump to give congratulations. I’ve also read that the current occupant of Saint Peter’s chair hasn’t.


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