We Must Outlaw Assault Pumpkins!


The Hillcrest Pumpkin Roll is one of Little Rock, Arkansas’ beloved events. Little did anyone know the pumpkin roll was a venomous blood sport.

For the people of Little Rock, Arkansas, the Hillcrest Pumpkin Roll is almost as exciting as Halloween itself. The annual event is the time of year when, after All Hallows Eve, locals get together to roll all their leftover pumpkins down the street.

It’s a competition to find out which gourd can go the distance, however this year, one went straight for a little boy standing on the curb.

In a video taken by a spectator, the large pumpkin is seen rolling straight for the child, and while others move out of the way, he doesn’t. The pumpkin then suddenly hits him, breaking apart, and throwing the boy down.

Former president Bill Clinton immediately rushed to “console” the boy’s mother

The video can be seen below the fold…

Yeah, that’s gonna leave a mark.


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