A Serious Man

My youngest son Kevin, who is eight years old, was tinkering with our typewriter yesterday. (Kids, ask your parents what a typewriter is, or simply Google it.) After a while, he pulled out the paper and showed it to Mrs. Earp. The letter was a formal dinner request, typed out and addressed to Mrs. Earp and I.

The request is about as hilarious as you would imagine. (Click the photo to embiggen.)


Apparently a dinner request is more serious when addressing your parents by their first names.

8 thoughts on “A Serious Man

  1. I sure like getting up in the morning and having something put a smile on my face and make me laugh. I hope you had sloppy joes for dinner.


  2. TXNick – Kevin thinks differently than my other kids. I’m thinking it’s because his DNA took all my sarcasm genes.

    Metoo – We didn’t have the sauce for the sloppy joes, so we has sausage sammiches, instead. Kevin approved.

    RG – We promised Kevin we would have them soon.

    Mike – Nice. How about “Your excellency?”


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