Jedi Clamp It

grey-jedi-kevin-cottamMeet Britain’s Kevin Cottam.

Kevin was looking for a religion which wouldn’t judge him, wouldn’t care about his personal appearance, and most of all, wouldn’t harsh his mellow.

After searching as far as the Outer Rim, Kevin found a philosophy at his local Redbox.

46-year-old Kevin Cottam is not the world’s biggest Star Wars fan, but for the last two years he has never left home without his iconic Jedi robe and trusty lightsaber. He is the UK’s only full-time Grey Jedi.

Cottam says he became a follower of Jediism six years ago, after doing some research online. He had become frustrated by all the rules most religions follow so he decided to look for something more suitable. “Before becoming a Jedi, I was a Zen Buddhist, but I was frustrated with the different precepts and mandates that came with the religion,” he says. “I researched other religions online and came across the Djedi of ancient Egypt, which inspired the Jedi in Star Wars.”

After being turned down by women who couldn’t accept the way he dressed and who he was, Kevin Cottam says he has accepted the fact that he will probably remain single for the rest of my life, but refuses to change who he is.

I guess if Kevin would like to convince the ladies to play with his lightsaber he’ll have to use “the force.” And by that I mean he will have to force himself on some sexy nerd.


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