Make America Sober Again

elizabeth-louis-lundbergMeet Elizabeth Louis Lundberg.

Elizabeth is a party animal, but when you live in Minnesota you sometimes need to be a party of one. Such was the case last week when Dizzy Lizzy was arrested for DUI.

Undaunted by the stop, Liz attempted to extricate herself from the situation by giving the greatest excuse of 2016.

Police hear all kinds of excuses after pulling motorists over for DWI, but Lino Lakes (MN) Police officers got one they hadn’t heard before.

Elizabeth Louis Lundberg, age 33, is blaming her charge of aggravated DWI on anger over the outcome of the Presidential election. Squads were dispatched around 5:15 p.m. last Wednesday to Lake Drive and Main Street on reports of a three-vehicle crash. When officers arrived they found Lundberg had rear-ended a vehicle at a fairly high rate of speed, and that vehicle had crashed into the back of another car.

On the department’s Facebook page, a post said Lundberg told arresting officers that “I am upset over the outcome of the election and you should let me go home.”

In fairness, Lizzy is simply following in the staggered footsteps of her prepetually inebriated candidate.


4 thoughts on “Make America Sober Again

  1. If I had voted for Hillary, I’d want to spend the next month drunk, too. Who wants to face the fact they voted for such a LOSER??? As it was, I was looking for the Captain to celebrate the win with that Wednesday after. I didn’t care if he was army, navy, air force or marines as long as they call him “Captain”. That’s not true, I was actually wanting to spend time and celebrate with Captain Morgan.


  2. Minnesota… give her a few more years and with Keith Eliason at the helm of the Demoncrats, she won’t even be allowed to drink. Problem solved. She’ll be wearing a burka and walking behind a husband with several of his other wives.


  3. Metoo – I spent the past week smiling and laughing, while drinking the Democrats’ delicious tears.

    Mike – She’s obviously a big fan of U.S. Grant.

    RG – Which is a shame because she’s kinda cute; and with the alcoholism, she is probably easy.


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