No Country For Old Women

cassandra-de-pecolMeet Cassandra De Pecol.

Cassandra is trying to get herself slated into the Guinness Book of World Records, and unlike Lindsay Lohan, she is not trying to boink her way inside. Instead, Cassandra is visiting every country on Earth.

If someone traveled to 50 countries, we’d be impressed. If they traveled to 100 we’d be super impressed. But if they traveled to every single country in the world, and became the first documented female, youngest American, AND fastest traveler to visit all 196 countries on the planet…. that would leave us pretty amazed indeed.

But that’s exactly what Cassandra De Pecol is doing. The 27-year-old from Connecticut has already visited 181 countries since July 2015, and with only 15 countries remaining and 40 days to go, she’s well on course to break the Guinness World Record for the fastest person to travel to all Sovereign States (plus an additional 11 countries). (H/TAOSHQ)

Hey Cassandra, if I may offer you some advice, don’t unpack the bikini when you arrive in Iran.


6 thoughts on “No Country For Old Women

  1. Metoo – She was probably half asleep in that underwater photo.

    Mike47 – I’m guessing she’ll run across the border, get a quick snap, and dodge gunfire on her way out.


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