Megyn Kelly: Opportunistic C-Word?

megyn-kellyI thoroughly despise Megyn Kelly.

The Fox News anchor is a shameless self-promoter, who inserts herself into the news far too often; so much so Ace from AOSHQ refers to her as “MeAgain Kelly.” Now Megyn has accused former Fox honcho Roger Ailes of sexual harassment, an incident which occurred years earlier.

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly said Tuesday that she did not come forward sooner with allegations that former Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes sexually harassed her because it would have been a “suicide mission” for her career.

During an interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America” about her new book, “Settle for More,” Kelly said that in the beginning of her career at Fox News Ailes tried to kiss her three times in his office and that when she rejected his advances “he asked me when my contract was up.”

Kelly called Ailes’ actions “disturbing” but said she didn’t immediately come forward because “realistically, that would have been a suicide mission for me and my career.”

“I wasn’t Megyn Kelly of today. I had no power, and he was on the cover of industry magazines as the most powerful man in news. There was no one to go to.”

Gee Megyn, if only there was some organization which could have helped you. Like a group of officers, who enforced things, like the law. We could call this group “law enforcement officers!”

But yes, Megyn, you’re the victim. Here’s your safety pin.

10 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly: Opportunistic C-Word?

  1. She talked to Savannah Guthrie this morning on Today and said she did end up going to her supervisor who said Ailes was probably “smitten” with her. She then went on to say that they had a good working relationship for the next ten years. I know she is currently in contract negotiations and FOX would be smart to dump her ass and let’s see if Megyn can make it in the real world without O’Reilly and Hannity as bookends. I have always thought she was over-rated.

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  2. I went to Hooters on Veteran’s Day. I’d have sworn my waitress was MeAgain Kelly. She appeared to fit in perfectly in that environment.


  3. RG – No, no, no, MeAgain is smart. She can handle things! She’s smart! Not like everybody says… like dumb… she’s smart and she wants respect!

    Toothy – Like the hammer of an angry god.

    Kevin – I think she pooped a little.


  4. Wyatt: Did I write this post? Are you channeling my inner thoughts? I await the program every night until 8:01, so I can turn Megyn Kelly off and have the cable company register the channel change. This gal got to where she is by using her feminine wiles and is now claiming sexual harassment??? Bovine scatology on that one. I strongly suspect she got her slot at Fox by more than cozying up to Ailes…


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