Crock The Vote

colin-kaepernick-never-votedColin Kaepernick, Hero of the Stupid and Agent of Social Justice, cares so much about change that he has never registered to vote.

Not only did Colin Kaepernick not vote in the presidential election last week, he never even registered to vote.

The Sacramento Bee searched through voter registry records and found that the San Francisco 49ers quarterback has never once registered to vote. Not in his home state of California and not in Nevada, where he attended college.

Kaepernick said it would have been ‘hypocritical’ for him to vote for either candidates, since both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton represent ‘the system of oppression.’ But his failure to vote in either 2008 or 2012 presidential elections shows a lack of interest in even voting for President Obama, the first black man to hold the job and one who was elected through a grassroots movement.

So this penis pulsator bitches and complains about an unjust system but won’t lift a finger to necessitate change? Gee, that sounds like such a “progressive” attitude.



9 thoughts on “Crock The Vote

  1. I’m surprised he isn’t on the sideline sucking on a pacifier and looking for a “safe space” to vent his feelings. I have no time for this clown, at all. He is, as I have suspected for a long time, all hype and no substance besides along with being an idiot.

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  2. Talk starts about trading him, he starts taking a knee
    Talk starts about him not earning his pay, he grows his hair into a ’60s afro
    Talk starts about cutting him, he wears a black panther shirt

    He’s reached the trifecta of assholieness.


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