Her Spirit Animal Is A Hippo

lena-dunham-talking-to-the-rocksLena Dunham exemplifies everything wrong with Hollywood. The loudmouth “actress” is morbidly obese, galactically stupid, and has less talent than my penis. She is also – shock – an unhinged liberal who needed a safe space to recover from Hillary Clinton’s epic election defeat.

Lena Dunham sought solace in the Arizona wilderness this week as she works to overcome her post-election anxiety. She posted of photo on Instagram that shows her hiking in a fashionable sports bra and flashing a “true smile” while hiking in exclusive Sedona, Arizona.

One should never wear a sports bra if they get winded after watching a Gatorade commercial.

Sedona is home to a number of facilities offering “spiritual retreats,” “vision quests,” and other forms of “emotional healing” adventures. In a note accompanying her Instagram post, Dunham expressed love for her fans and described how she had “whispered some wishes for you into the big red rock” after asking “the Canyon for some guidance.”

Dunham asked for guidance because the canyon is exponentially more intelligent than she is. Here’s hoping the rocks told her to pet a few rattlesnakes.


9 thoughts on “Her Spirit Animal Is A Hippo

  1. I honestly never understood why people thought she was talented and why they also thought she was such a big deal. Don’t get it but guess I don’t really need to at this point. Her popularity seems to be dropping faster than Shirley MacLaine’s boobs.


  2. Okay, I heard of her and how fat and ugly she was, but I just had to see for myself. Since my safe search on Bing was turned off, some full frontal, totally buck naked pictures came up. I am now totally blind and threw up everything including my nuts. I can’t type without looking at the keyboard so I needed my wife to finish this for me. Do not under any circumstances make the same mistake that I did. You have all been warned………………………………


  3. Metoo – Thank you for helping my diet with that visual. I don’t get it, either. This woman has zero talent.

    TXNick – It is one of the state’s most awesome features.

    RG – Or they’d be afraid she would eat them.

    Tam – The belly overhang under the sports bra is particularly appealing.


  4. She is such a nasty skank. And based on the pasal of great kids you have running around, I think you are not giving your junk enough credit.


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