A Burning Ring Of Dire


A South African man is recovering after sliding his wedding ring onto his – apparently tiny – penis and getting it lodged there.

A 28-year-old South African endured a rare case of “penile strangulation” after squeezing his wedding ring around his sex organ for “erotic reasons,” according to the South African Medical Journal.

The unnamed man was apparently attempting to use the wedding ring as a substitute cock ring ― a sex toy that holds blood in the penis to heighten sexual response. The ring caused the man’s penis to swell up so much that he was unable to remove it.

When the patient’s mother brought him to a hospital in Limpopo four hours after, his penis was erect and blue.

It’s bad enough getting a wedding ring stuck on your penis, but this poor sap had to ask his mommy to drive him to the hospital? Wow, he is one pathetic loser.

9 thoughts on “A Burning Ring Of Dire

  1. And, another 28 year old living in mommy’s basement (if she has one). No wonder he was using a wedding ring. I’m guessing the divorce is in the works, especially after this incident.


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