The MSM Hardest Hit

rabbi-hyman-krustofski-and-krusty-the-clownThe FBI released their latest statistical report, and they found Jews are still the most victimized religious group in the country. By far.

The latest FBI Hate Crimes statistics report shows the number of anti-Semitic hate crimes increased by 9% in 2015, from 609 to 664, meaning once again hate crimes against Jews outnumber hate crimes against every other religious group.

But as the Elder of Ziyon blog notes in an entry titled “Jews get attacked 2.5X more than Muslims in America. Muslims get 25X more headlines,” most of the news media focus is on anti-Muslim hate crimes, not only because those increased by 67% last year, but also because the progressive media are hyper-sympathetic to the victims of “Islamophobia.”

The Elder of Ziyon noted:

AP waited until the last sentence of the article to mention that most religious based hate crimes are against Jews. So did CNN. Fox buried it in paragraph 9. The Guardian made it sound like there were far more Muslim hate crimes than any other, with a quote from an “expert”: “Levin said that Muslims were now the most disdained social group in the US, and have subsequently been subject to widespread prejudice.

Of course, hacks like CAIR and Representative Keith Ellison will continue to repeat the lie Muslims are the most aggrieved religious group in the country, because it’s good for business.


4 thoughts on “The MSM Hardest Hit

  1. I have absolutely no faith in accurate reporting from the msm anymore. We hear and read what they want us to hear and read and nothing else. In the meantime…….I’m with Bibi!


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