When In Cuba, Choose The Steak

fishing-with-condomsFishermen in Cuba are revolutionizing their industry by attaching condoms to their lines. Apparently it is an easy way to catch fish, and guarantees the fishermen do not catch crabs.

In a country where the communist government is extremely paranoid about illegal emigration to the United States, and strictly controls who can own and use boats, “balloon fishing” has become a very cheap and effective way of catching fish like red snapper, barracuda and tarpon without having to leave the shore. The secret to this unusual fishing technique – latex condoms.

Did you hear that guys? Condoms will easily catch snapper! Heh heh heh.

Fisherman along the Havana seawall use inflated condoms to create floats that carry their lines as far as 900 feet into the ocean and keep the bait high in the water. As soon as they hit the surface of the water, the strong current starts pulling it out to sea, far beyond casting distance, and when a fish takes the bait, the line pulls free, and all fishermen have to do is reel it in. It’s a very simplistic yet effective fishing method that puts food on the table for hundreds of Cubans.

In a related story, Trojan is now making basil, cilantro, and lemon-flavored condoms.

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