Bolly, Bolly, Bolly, Get Your Beatings Here

mallika-sherawatMeet “Bollywood” actress Mallika Sherawat.

Mallika spent some time in the City of Lights this week, and like so many other French visitors, she enjoyed the sights, the sounds, and the crime of the French capital.

Bollywood actress and international model Mallika Sherawat has been beaten and robbed by three masked intruders outside her Paris apartment block.

The robbery, in which the 40-year-old Indian actress and an unidentified male partner were attacked with tear gas and punched, came weeks after reality TV star Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint West in the French capital.

According to Le Parisien, the French capital’s daily newspaper, the criminals wore scarves across their faces and “without saying a word, sprayed their victims with tear gas before punching them.”

Now I don’t want to accuse a certain religious group, one which has been the subject of stereotypes before, but I cannot help but think these crimes are the work of Amish separatists.


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