Hey Dave, Hold My Beer!


Meet William Edwards. William likes to drink socially, and he does so with reckless abandon now that he has one of those self-driving cars. Or, you know, not.

The incident occurred around 2:15 am on October 25 outside the Dance Royale Club on Old Cheney Highway in Orlando. The driver, William Edwards, 28, was leaving the club under the protestations of staff, who said he was too drunk.

Surveillance footage captured the moment Edwards drove off in his Ford pickup truck, however he didn’t close the door properly or put on a seatbelt.

As seen in the video, Edwards takes off at high-speed, only to roll out of the truck and land on the road. The truck continues along the road, running over Edwards’ legs in the process.

I guess the next strip club Edwards attends better have a ramp.

Oh, and speaking of drunken idiots, the night before Thanksgiving is one of the worst nights for DUI arrests. It’s amateur night out there, so please be careful and stay off the roads if possible.


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