Def Comedy (Traffic) Jam

peter-griffin-running-into-trafficA gaggle of anti-Trump protestors decided to block the I-5 Freeway in California. They were, in a word, unsuccessful.

A group of demonstrators believed to be The University of California, San Diego students gathered near Interstate 5, a highway in California around the La Jolla area campus, according to a video posted on Nov. 9.

The students chanted “Education Not Deportation!” and “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Donald Trump has got to go!” to protest the election of Trump as president. One woman walked out into the line of traffic and moments later was struck by a car. Then, members of the crowd shouted “get the fuck off the highway!”

Well, you know what happens when special snowflakes hit your windshield; they melt.

The, in my opinion high-larious, video is posted below the fold.

This truly is the feel-good video of the day.

Not for nothing, but the bottoms of this chick’s feet are nasty.


10 thoughts on “Def Comedy (Traffic) Jam

  1. For those of you unfamiliar with it, I-5 stretches roughly from Mexico to Canada. Speed limit is 70 most of the way. Where it passes through a city, the locals use it as a North/South artery, sharing the road with big rigs in a hurry to get from here to there. Virtually no one takes I-5 who is not in a hurry to get somewhere. Maybe they should rename their group “Speedbumps for Social Justice”?

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      1. Mike – So trying to stop traffic there is a move only a college-educated person would make?

        Cathy – Who now has to sit in a hospital and listen to Trump-Trump.


  2. It’ll never happen in CA, but how soon do you think this nonsense would end if it was announced that the parents of these brats will be billed for it every time something like this happened, with a set amount of time for the parents to start paying & if they don’t, start seizing their property & assets, starting with the snowflakes phones, laptops, notebooks & tablets.


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