Fidel Castro Dead


Fidel Castro, Cuba’s murderous, despotic dictator boarded the bullet train to Hell yesterday. The trip will be completed without any stops along the way.

Longtime Cuban leader Fidel Castro, the bearded, cigar-smoking Communist revolutionary who infuriated the United States, inspired both loyalty and loathing from his countrymen and maintained an iron grip on Cuban politics for almost 50 years, died Friday at the age of 90.

Though he spent the better part of his life railing against capitalism and the rich, Castro enjoyed a wealthy and privileged childhood.

So his upbringing was not much different than that of American socialists like Barack Obama.

He attended Jesuit boarding schools, and developed a love for sports, pitching for El Colegio de Belen’s baseball team. He attended the University of Havana law school, where he joined groups that focused on Cuban nationalism and socialism.

After graduation and now a revolutionary, he took up arms against the government of President Fulgencio Batista, leading a failed 1953 attack on a military barracks in hopes of triggering a popular revolt.

Expect glowing tributes to Castro from the MSM all week, and the announcement of a national day of mourning from King Barry I.

Personally, I am joyous about this announcement, and if that makes me a terrible human being, so be it. Castro was a piece of inhuman filth. My only regret is he did not die in agonizing pain.


7 thoughts on “Fidel Castro Dead

  1. It actually does my little heart good to know he almost died of a perforated intestine in 2006. I have visions of him spending his last few years with an ostomy bag. I also took enjoyment out of reading he had diverticulitis. I have relatives who suffer from that disease and it can be very debilitating during attacks. I keep wanting to sing “ding-dong the witch is dead” even though he was a man. Unfortunately, for the time being nothing will change in Cuba with his bro in charge as he has been the past few years.


  2. Metoo – All the usual suspects are coming out of the woodwork to praise this maniac. Obama, the New York Times, etc.

    Cathy – Castro is probably planning to take over.

    Mike47 – Amen to that.


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