A Big Squish In A Small Pond


A Florida robbery suspect was found hiding from police waist-deep in a Deltona pond. There is no word whether the suspect caught – or gave – crabs while wading through the water.

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said deputies responded Saturday to a Family Dollar store in Deltona, where a clerk told them a man with “Loyalty” tattooed across his abdomen claimed to have a gun and demanded money.

Deputies in a sheriff’s office helicopter spotted a man walking near a pond and wading waste-deep into the water.

Sean Torres, 29, allegedly told deputies he was “just fishing” and had dropped his pole in the water. Deputies said they questioned Torres about the robbery and he responded: “The guy who did it went that way.” (H/T – TXNick)

Doesn’t this mental defective realize the only effective use of that excuse is, “He want thataway?” Damned amateurs are giving television criminals a bad name.


7 thoughts on “A Big Squish In A Small Pond

  1. Metoo – Maybe he won’t squeal on his future co-conspirators?

    TXNick – God’s Waiting Room is full off people waiting for a brain.

    Mike – No need to get bogged down by details.


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