You’re Gonna Love My Nuts


A Pennsylvania prison guard has been placed on leave after allegedly pepper spraying an inmate… who was naked… in the ol’ Grape Nuts.

Sergeant Scott Blume, who is now on paid leave from Scranton’s Lackawanna County jail, was taking the inmate to the restricted housing unit after disciplining him for having homemade alcohol made with leftover fruit.

Blume placed the inmate in a holding cell and told him to change into a different prison uniform, made for those in restricted housing, saying the scene was caught on camera. The inmate, named as Damian Kellogg, refused to change, at which point Blume grabbed him by the throat and pulled his hair.

The argument escalated until Blume, who had stepped out of the cell, twice sprayed the inmate through an opening in the door.

In fairness to Sergeant Blume, the inmate was waxing poetically about Acapulco, so Blume figured one spray south of the border will make him think he’s south of the border.

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