O Hipster Tree, O Hipster Tree…

hipster-nativity-sceneThe Christmas season is officially underway when my kids tell me I am allowed to listen to the Christmas music station in their presence. December 1st is their firm date, so not only am I listening to Christmas music at home, in the car, etc, but I am also checking out the hottest holiday gifts.

Like, say, a hipster nativity scene.

At first I was like “meh” when I heard about a “hipster” nativity scene for the holidays. That was, until I actually saw it. I have to admit I laughed out loud. It’s pretty darn clever. I mean, the three wise men on Segways bearing gifts from Amazon!? Too perfect. One of these generic “individuals” even has a waxed mustache. Nice detail.

And Mary. Mary holding a cup of Starbucks next to baby Jesus while making a pursed-lip duck face for their selfie.

“Joseph” here is barefoot, of course, and I cannot tell by the angle, but you just know he is sporting a man bun. I should get this for my jackass millennial neighbors… or just throw the figurines at their garage door.

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