Happy Birthday, Julia!

julia-first-day-of-second-gradeToday is my Princess P’s 8th birthday. My youngest child and only daughter, Julia is the apple of my eye and the invader of my wallet. Nothing is too good for Princess P, unless Mrs. Earp says so. With me, the girl gets away with murder – literally. (Digging graves in the backyard is a terrible strain on the knees.)

Julia always wants to cuddle with Daddy, have stories read to her by Daddy… and play with Daddy’s new phone. You take the good with the bad.

Princess P will have her choice of dinner this evening – this year’s choice is Chinese food – and we will celebrate her birthday Sunday afternoon. (I have to work tonight, so the party is scheduled for tomorrow.)

Happy birthday, Princess P. We love you very much!


10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Julia!

  1. What a beautiful birthday girl! Those freckles are precious. And I’m not just saying that because we seriously could’ve been twins at her age. Happy birthday Julia, and enjoy your Chinese food!


  2. Happy Birthday, Julia! She was so little when I started reading your blog. She is growing more beautiful with each passing year. Dating should be an adventure for both of you!!


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