Key Lame Pie

jo-anne-sparks-canada-postThe Canadian postal service gave away the keys to the kingdom after they changed the locks to Ottawa mailboxes… with the keys still inside.

Canada Post changed the locks on a community mailbox in Ottawa’s Blossom Park neighbourhood, but residents say there was just one problem: the keys to the locks were still in the mailboxes.

The 48 locks at a box on Alderwood Street were due to be changed after concerns the locks had previously frozen during the winter months, but residents say Canada Post was supposed to mail the new keys weeks in advance.

Instead, they appear to have delivered the keys to the mailboxes sometime in the last day, the same time frame in which the locks were changed.

Way to go, Dudley Douchebag. Maybe Justin Trudeau can pen a funny cartoon to allay his citizens’ fears? Oh wait, that’s Gary Trudeau, not Justin.


5 thoughts on “Key Lame Pie

  1. My son, who lives in Prince George, BS, complains about the Canadian postal service all the time. They are slow and just don’t care.


  2. And no one will be reprimanded, fired, or even be made to feel uncomfortable; bureaucratic malfeasance personified and accepted…


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