Serbia Or Bust!

soraja-vucelic-see-through-topMeet Serbian model Soraja Vucelic.

Soraja appeared on the red carpet during a Serbian television event wearing a fantastic ensemble guaranteed to make a grown man blush, and a young man vault into puberty.

Now, thanks to said ensemble, a Serbian cameraman is being launched into internet infamy.

A cameraman allowed his eyes to wander while filming a celebrity model – and his footage caught him leching over her bust. The shameless man behind the lens was clearly transfixed by Serbian model Soraja Vucelic.

While the 30-year-old was appearing on the red carpet at a party, the cameraman dropped down her body to zoom in and linger on her breasts.

I think I speak for all men when I say I condemn the cameraman’s actions and sincerely hope he is stripped of his press credentials and is placed into the stockade. (I assume Serbia still utilizes stockades, because it’s freakin’ Serbia.)

She arrived at the event wearing a see through top with no bra.

Wait, what? I hereby renounce my denunciation!


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