The Ohio State F**keyes


A student organization at THE Ohio State University declared the terrorist who attacked their fellow students was wrongly murdered by a campus police officer. Because, idiocy.

The Ohio State University student who allegedly ran over several students and stabbed others to defend Islam should not have been shot by police before he could hurt more people.

That’s the explicit message coming from the OSU Coalition for Black Liberation, which added Abdul Razak Ali Artan’s name to a list of every person of color that has been killed by police since October, The Lantern reports.

The group periodically reads from the list in public, and it gave a “eulogy” for each name and held a moment of silence on Wednesday.

They then threw a kitten into the river, burned down an orphanage, and raised money for a Gigli sequel.

8 thoughts on “The Ohio State F**keyes

  1. The Coalition for Black Lunacy (coal is black, isn’t it?) thinks it’s White Privilege that the cop should have a gun and the brother only had a knife!


  2. BTW, gun control nuts LOVE to add justifiable shootings by police to their lists to inflate the numbers. They include Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev (who was also run over by his brother while escaping police) as a handgun homicide.


  3. Mike – Yes, they do, and they pad those stats while ignoring the fact the number of blacks killed by white cops is infinitesimal compared to the number of blacks killed by other blacks. Apparently numbers are racist.

    Ingineer – I always hated Ohio State because of their football team and the way their douchey players refer to it as THE Ohio State University. (As if there is another one?) Now I know many of their students are jackasses, too.

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  4. Here’s a possible approach… Encourage certain campuses who support racist radicals like BLM to declare themselves “Police-Free Zones”. That way, when the next shooting occurs, Law Enforcement can respect the cordon and stay out of harm’s way completely. Preserve the protection for those who appreciate it.


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