That’ll Do Pig. That’ll Do.

san-francisco-airport-therapy-pigThe San Francisco International Airport has employed a “therapy pig” to alleviate passenger’s stress. This should do wonders for Muslim travelers.

Passengers at San Francisco International Airport will soon be greeted by a tutu-wearing therapy pig before their flights.

The SFO’s Wag Brigade launched in 2013 and features more than 300 cats, dogs and rabbits who wear vests that read “Pet Me!” to help ease the stress of travel.

LiLou passed her Animal Assisted Therapy training “with flying colors” and proved to be popular with clients, as she visited different facilities and showed off her more than ten tricks.

Pfft, Melissa McCarthy can do twice as many tricks, and while she wouldn’t be as popular with visitors, she also doesn’t poop where she eats. Usually.

7 thoughts on “That’ll Do Pig. That’ll Do.

  1. Can’t imagine this bastion of political correctness would allow a Muslim deterrent to be used as a service animal..suspect they would prefer a donkey or a camel…just saying…


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