Celebrity Chumps Jump To Dump Trump

time-magazine-president-elect-donald-trumpAccording to journalistic giant “TheWrap,” the incoming Trump administration is having difficulty recruiting celebrities to perform at the inauguration.

Personally, I find this a feature, not a bug.

According to TheWrap, celebrities aren’t jumping at the chance to perform for Trump’s swearing in, or the balls, parade or National Mall concert that typically accompany the signature inaugural event. In the past, celebrities, including Beyonce, have volunteered for the slots, calling an Inaugural performance a “patriotic duty.”

But this year, too many actors, artists and musicians are struggling to come to terms with the Republican President-elect. And it’s making it hard to fill slots for the typically star-studded occasion.

Making things more difficult, some celebrities have called for a boycott of any artist, actor or musician who donates their time to honor Trump.

That door swings both ways, Hollywood. While you overpaid babies cater to half the population, the other half can save our money instead of wasting it on your films, TV shows, and albums.

5 thoughts on “Celebrity Chumps Jump To Dump Trump

  1. TXNick – If nothing else, they would probably perform without making editorial comments.

    Cathy – No, they’re the smartest people min the whole wide world!

    MelP – Agreed. We can throw Ted Nugent into the mix as well.

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