Reading The Texas Tea Leaves

dallas-police-cruiserThe Dallas Police Department has seen one hundred officers flee the force in the last two months. The local media is struggling to find an explanation.

Nearly 100 officers in the Dallas Police Department have quit or retired since October, according to multiple reports, worsening the department’s deficit of personnel.

Most of the 99 who left since Oct. 1 were some of Dallas’ most experienced officers, according to the incoming president of the Dallas Police Association.

The Morning News reported the department has a rising crime rate on top of troubled pension funds and low salaries compared to other cities.

Allow me to break this article down, “shotgun-style.” First of all, most police officers – at least the younger ones – seek out departments with high crime rates because they crave the action and feel they can make a difference. Second, no one becomes a police officer for the payday. Many big cities offer meager salaries – Philadelphia especially – and while the suburbs can often afford to pay more, they also have limited positions to fill.

Finally, and most importantly, the article makes no mention of what I believe to be the real reason for the personnel hemorrhage: the war on police officers. Five Dallas police officers were assassinated in July, Black Lives Matter provokes officers on a daily basis, and most politicians do not back the badge. That is why the cops are leaving. Full stop.

Hell, I’ve been on the job for twenty-two years, and I am more than ready to leave, especially in this political climate. If I could afford it, I would have retired already.


6 thoughts on “Reading The Texas Tea Leaves

  1. The current situation with police and BLM breaks my heart. I have three very close friends whose husbands work in law enforcement in the area (1 for the Scott county Sheriff and 2 for the Davenport police). I am so thankful when they return home after their shift. It is time for the politicians on both sides of the spectrum to stand behind our police and tell people like Sharpton and Jackson to shut up and if they don’t like it here…………leave. There are plenty of us who will help them pack!


  2. I think the implosion of the pension system combined with the target BLM thugs put on their heads was just too much. People will take the risk if they feel they are appreciated and fairly compensated. They give soldiers combat pay for a reason.


  3. Another omitted fact in the story: Dallas is an island of blue in a red state. The local politicians want to have “dialog” with everyone but their law enforcement officers. I live in one of the ‘burbs of Dallas, and rarely venture into that city.

    Roll safe, Wyatt, and all the good officers in this country.


  4. Metoo – As I was leaving for work at 6:30 this morning, Kevin giggled, “Try not to get killed.” So that was nice. Kid says whatever comes to mind.

    Proof – We only get shift differential with the rotating hours. My salary is good with OT and the fact I have 22 years on. I would never take this job today.

    Al – Hadn’t thought of that. Our pension system will be a mess by time I retire, but we have a Deferred Compensation plan, and I shuttle a nice chunk of my check there every two weeks.

    FD – Yup.

    TXNick – It’s a shame, because I heard Houston was in a similar political predicament. I assume the cops there receive the same support we do from the pols. Very little.


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