The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth


There is an up-and-coming trend in dating, and it is swallowing geeks faster than you can say “Pythagorean theorem.”

A wide swath of people are now more attracted primarily to intelligence, and as a result, are pursuing the stereotypical geek for horizontal exercise.

Sapiosexuals are indulging in the fetish of the moment: viewing intelligence as the topmost turn-on. The term already qualifies as a descriptor on OkCupid and inspired a Tinder-esque dating app for smart people, called Sapio.

With the growing desirability of Silicon Valley nerds, it seems that sapiosexuality is on the rise. “What were once fringe interests reserved for the stereotypically introverted, intellectual, ‘nerds’ of the world are now essential features of 21st-century American culture,” Lora Adair, a professor of evolutionary psychology at Lyon College, told Vice. Her point being that the pursuit of classically geeky interests now comes with cachet.

Since I’m the smartest person I know, I fully expect to be hit on by gaggles of women now. Of course, if this was a thing when I was in high school, I would have been getting more tail than Sinatra.


4 thoughts on “The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth

  1. First time around I married a jock with little between his ears. Second time I married someone who could do trig and algebra in their head and didn’t need paper and pencil. The second marriage lasted 30 years. Seems I was ahead of my time.


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