An Inconvenient Truth

south-poleWhen a person reaches a certain age, the issue of the “Bucket List” shoves its way to the front of your consciousness. For those with an adventurous spirit, an outdoor expedition may be on the menu. If so, I would suggest somewhere a little warmer than the Antarctic.

Alex Brazier, son of Tory MP Julian Brazier, is one of six military reservists out to tackle the icy wastes of Antarctica.

Cruel winds add to plunging temperatures and threaten to freeze them stiff. Yet so far only unlucky Alex, 26, has been hit by the medical condition, also known as Antarctic Willy.

A spokesman at the expedition HQ explained: “It’s more of a Polar expeditioners’ condition where, due to exposure to the cold over a prolonged period, the ahem, penis gets very cold, painful and swollen.”

Now I’m all for the swollen part – I’m Irish – but the frozen/painful part I could do without. Honestly, Brazier could have saved a lot of time, money, and effort by staying home and sticking his dingus into a bucket of ice.


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