Diff’rent Hoax For Diff’rent Folks


Meet Yasmin Seweid. Yasmin claimed three white male Donald Trump supporters assaulted and harassed her on the New York City subway simply because she was wearing a hijab. It is another in a long list of hate crime reports where Trump supporters have been the perpetrators.

It is also another in a long list of hate crime reports which were totally fabricated.

New York City student Yasmin Seweid who claimed to be the victim of a hate crime by Trump supporters is under arrest and charged with filing a false report.

The 18-year-old Seweid claimed three men attempted to pull off her hijab while calling her a terrorist and yelling Trump’s name. All this happened, she said, while New Yorkers sat idly by and watched her get assaulted.

Many people became suspicious of Seweid’s story when no witnesses of the attack came forward and only one of the men she described could be found on MTA security tape.

Welcome to Donald Trump’s America. For the next four years we’ll be subjected to hoaxes like these from Muslims, leftists, and the rest of the special snowflakes. Hopefully, the corresponding law enforcement agencies treat these liars for what they are: criminals.


7 thoughts on “Diff’rent Hoax For Diff’rent Folks

  1. What is the punishment for filing a false report? Yes, I am naive when it comes to this stuff. And, you’re right…this is only just the beginning. We’re “gonna need a bigger boat” to deal with all this nonsense.


  2. Metoo – I can’t speak for New York, but in PA it’s a misdemeanor. If she were arrested in Philly, she would probably get off with a short probation. So, in essence, no penalty at all.


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